Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bio is an industry term for Biography

Clubs have been asking us for a bio. So here it is, the Box Elders story

Box Elders started in 2005. Clayton and I named the band after the bugs that infested the house we grew up in. We had a snare drum with hundreds of dead box elder bugs in it. When you hit it you could hear them rattling around. Originally our Mom was in the band, but she quit. We played around with some other drummers but really wanted Dave. He saw us play a free show in a park and we talked him into it. Instead of adding a fourth member Clayton and I told Dave to figure out how to play drums and keyboards at the same time. It took some practice. We recorded some songs and put out 45 which people seemed to like. ---

Also, here are some pics from us at Gonerfest 5. Canderson took the one of Clayton and Mr. Bullyrook took the other two.

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